Vantage Camp 2021

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What is Vantage Camp 2021?

Vantage Camp 2021 is a camp for all middle school and high school aged students. This camp will be held at the Vantage Riverstone Campgrounds in Vantage, WA. Spend a week having fun with friends, making new friends, and encounter God on the shores of the Columbia River. Pastor John Hammer will be our guest speaker for the week. Join Relentless Youth this August in Eastern Washington for a week you won't forget.

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What You Need To Know

Camp Cost: $225 Early Bird – With FREE Camp Tee Shirt until June 15th (please provide shirt size request)

Late Registration: $250 (No T-shirt’s for registration past July 15th)

Camp Date: Monday | August 9th - Friday August 13th

Drop Off /Return Time:
Sonrise 9am for Shuttle Bus – Return to Sonrise Friday 4pm

Camp Location: Vantage Riverstone Campgrounds in Vantage, Washington

Are you bringing a tent? Who are you hoping to have stay in your tent with you?
-We reserve the right to modify sleeping arrangements and tent inhabitants for safety precautions or if deemed necessary for the benefit of the campers and leaders.

Guest Speaker: Pastor John Hammer of Sonrise Christian Center.

Permission Slips REQUIRED!


  • Pontoon boat rides and sandy beaches
  • 3 Person Sea Doo rotations
  • Guided Off Road Dune Adventures
  • Field Games and Competitions
  • Amazing worship services, the word, and life changing altar time of ministry!

Is it safe to camp in tents?
Yes. We will have all night security teams who’s primary role during camp is to stay up till the sun’s up ensuring your campers safety at all times within every means reasonably possible.

Will leaders be in my students tent?
Some, yes and some no. We are not assigning a leader to every tent, but there will be leaders in youth tents, and in their own tent immediately next too the tents of our students keeping equal disbursement of leaders throughout the tent area.

Are Cell Phones and technology welcome?
Yes! The era we live in I believe most parents would not want to sent their kids away to camp alone, without some means to contact them. HOWEVER we are asking that our students limit their interaction with those NOT PRESENT at camp, so to engage with the community they are with, and not miss out on what God has in store for them. We will reserve the right to remove these rights by confiscating your students phone if we deem it has become a tool of distraction, and is harming their camp experience. If you are not comfortable with our staff confiscating your child’s devices for any reason we deem suitable, we thank you for not sending those devices with them but rather choosing to leave them at home

Who can I call in an emergency?
Numbers will be provided upon registration.

  • Pastor Kevin Johnson of Sonrise Christian
  • Pastor Adam Parker of Sisco Heights Community Church
  • Steve and Laurel Skoog – Head Camp Counselors
  • If you are joining us from another church and need a contact beyond that, please confirm your sending church’s youth pastor’s preferred contact.

Can I bring knives?
If knives, weapons, fireworks, or other such paraphernalia is seen, it will be confiscated and turned in to your sending church’s youth pastor, or held on to buy our camp counselor. We will not be held liable for any of these items if they become lost, misplaced, or stolen while in our possession.