End of Year Giving

Your Year-End Gifts are Vital to the Ministry of Sonrise Christian Center


Letter From Pastors John & Grace

Dear Sonrise Church family,

We want to thank you for standing strong on behalf of the Lord and His church in this
time of spiritual attack and a physical pandemic in the land. Together we have stood
up to say, “No matter what… we will give God our best!” We have been amazed as
God has moved upon our church family through these trials. Our elders and pastoral
team have worked with us to wrestle through strong but challenging stewardship
moves. Even in these times, the needs of the people have not decreased, but increased.
Our pastors have responded in great faith to develop new ministry and care for our
people this year. Many people have come to Christ! We have witnessed many healings
and deliverances. We have not given up an inch in the battle for the Kingdom!! We get
this sense that “the water level is rising” at Sonrise in this hour as our faith is increased.
Collectively we have created a place of faith in a culture of fear and doubt. People are
benefitting from your faith. “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because
anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who
earnestly seek him (Hebrews 11:6).”

By the grace of God, we have grown our total giving to one of the strongest in
our history. God’s hand is upon Sonrise Christian Center, and you are a huge part of
all He is doing. Would you join me in prayer that our church will once again rally
with special year end giving? We have a great history of year end giving that helps us
finish 2021 and start the new year strong. Where our total giving has been so strong
our general giving is behind and we are asking God for at least $89,000 above our
normal tithe in order to finish 2021 strong.

As our elders and leadership team work on the 2022 budget, we are facing
never seen opportunities, including proactive new ministry opportunities with our
online church ministry and the healthy opportunities in our community in South
Everett. We have expanded ministry and the cost of taking care of our team. We have a
wonderful team of leaders, and we want to support them and their families as they pour
out their lives to touch our community for Christ.

This is also a great time to sow a seed our “Heart for the House” - our above
and beyond gifts to help build God’s future. We have a master plan to build out a new
kitchen, sanctuary, and support space to support our expanding ministry. Demolition
for the kitchen and commons area is scheduled to begin mid-December and we will
start construction in early January. With almost $600,000 given towards our Phase 1
project, we have a majority of the funds to build out the main structure of the kitchen
and commons. Our vision, that will be at least $2.1 million, is to build a space that is
almost double the size of our current seating capacity and do so while reducing our
overall debt. We are trusting God’s timing, knowing that this is a long-term future for
our church. Step by step we are praying and planning. As God provides, we will
continue to move forward. Your gifts can help make this stewardship vision a reality!
We cannot express enough our deep, heartfelt appreciation for your faithful prayers
and financial support as we press in together to see people come to Christ! You can get
all the most up to date information here https://www.isonrise.org/heart-for-the-house/

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can make a huge difference with a
special year end gift. We have also included cards to pledge towards our Heart for the
House expansion as well as our general missions giving. May God richly bless you!

Pastors John & Grace

Give to the Heart For The House Offering




The most popular way to make a gift is with cash, check, or credit card. To take a deduction for the gift on your 2021 tax return, your gift must be postmarked or received by the church on or before December 31, 2021. You can also donate by going online, or by using Sonrise Mobile App. We will also have someone from our accounting staff present in the church to receive your donation on 12/31 until 5pm.


Many large and local corporations offer employee charitable giving match programs. Check with your company to see if they offer corporate matching, thus doubling your donation to the church. If interested, please contact our accounting office at accounting@isonrise.org for further instructions.


You can also donate certain assets of value to the church, which can be a tax benefit to the donor, including Stocks/bonds/mutual funds: You can donate to the church instead of selling it. Have your investment broker contact our accounting office at accounting@isonrise.org for instructions to transfer the securities to our account.

Real Estate: This is especially beneficial if the property is worth less now than when you purchased it. You can donate the proceeds from the sale to the church and take a capital loss on your tax return.


Please consult your tax adviser before making any major decisions that may have an impact on your tax liability. Also, donating these types of gifts generally take longer to arrange, so notify your investment advisor right away to make sure your gift can qualify as a 2021 transaction for tax purposes.


The purpose of this publication is only to make you aware of the possibilities that may exist for you to donate to Sonrise Christian Center. This is not to be taken as advice for financial or tax purposes.

Interested In Giving?