God is on the Move | Testimony Time

Over the past number of months, here at Sonrise, there has been a real outpouring of God’s Spirit and many people experiencing a number of miraculous encounters with Jesus. Testimonies have been coming in from both our Revival nights as well as in our Sunday Morning services and throughout the week in our Groups; many people have had testimonies they have shared with our staff members. We wanted to make a way for those who are touched during our services to share, we created a spot on our website that you can send in how God has touched you. As these testimonies come in our heart is to see Jesus lifted up as well as the body of Christ be encouraged to continue to knock at God’s heart to believe for the miracles that they need. 

Last week we shared a testimony from one of our home groups of transformation, this week we want to share a number of testimonies that have come in through our website on the healing that has been happening – these are the raw, unedited, testimonies from those in our body of how God has touched them.

Testimony 1

I have had recurring Covid symptoms since contracting the virus in December. Since praying at last Sunday’s service, I am back to normal. I believe God has healed me. Praise Jesus as this really affected my ability to work and be present with my family. God is good!!

Testimony 2

We had a prayer for healing, and I came to service feeling very weak, I couldn’t even stand up for worship. I had two family members die that week and it was really weighing me down. I went forward for prayer and immediately I felt energized, and the weight lifted off of me. Thank you, Jesus!!! 

Testimony 3

I had hurt my back significantly while working out on 5/29. I went directly to the chiropractor, tried icing/ibuprofen but it was not improving at all. I woke up Sunday 5/30 still in crazy pain and knew I needed to receive prayer at church. I came to service and as John was making announcements about the upcoming revival night, he shared a testimony of someone who’s back was healed so I said in my spirit/heart, “I receive that for myself in Jesus’ Name!” At the end of service, a call was given to respond to the Lord regarding the message which I felt prompted to do, so I came forward. Pastor Dan prayed over me briefly. Then Diane asked what I needed prayer for – I said “2 things” thinking responding to the message about grief/disappointment and also my back, but I felt in my spirit to not lose the tenderness of what was happening in my response and to not bring up my back at all. So, I didn’t. 

While she(Diane) was praying over me (again, NOT even about my back), I heard Pastor John declare healing over backs from the pulpit. I left to get my kids and it was chaotic getting home, feeding kids lunch and getting baby down for a nap. It wasn’t until a few hours later that I finally realized I HAD ZERO PAIN! I moved around and was AMAZED because I had been very worried about my back injury, thinking I’d probably need physical therapy. NOPE! Just a good dose in the Presence – didn’t even need anyone to pray specifically for MY back, just receiving from His goodness and Presence! It’s been a few days and still ZERO BACK PAIN!!! Praise God!

We are so encouraged by these testimonies and what God has been doing! We are looking forward to hearing your testimony you can share it with us at isonrise.org/engaged