Testimony from the Sagerser’s Home Group

We are so thankful for all the Home Group leaders who answered the call early this last fall to join in as a church, going through a new series, all at the same time. For some it was a radical shift to what they were doing, others began a home group, trusting the Lord for the very first time. We are so excited to hear all the amazing stories that are coming from our groups. Recently we heard this report from the Sagerser’s and we wanted to share it with the church.

A message from the Sagerser’s

When my husband and I heard the announcement from Pastor John about the new Home Group format, we sensed immediately we were to open our home and hearts! 

I had met a beautiful single Mom while on the Sonrise Care Team, she shared that she had all of her needs met, but one. She had been attending Sonrise for a few years, but sat in the back, and felt alone. I told her that once COVID restrictions lifted, and if we ever led a home group, she was invited!

A few months later, we sat together in my living room! She is growing in her walk with Christ, and took a step that she never had before. Through our home group, she felt she was finally in a church “family,” and was baptized, while we cheered her on!

Cristine is passionate in her pursuit of Jesus, teaching her children about Him, and reaching people who are lost and broken. 

We have another amazing young woman named Mona, who is coming from a Hispanic Catholic background. The Bild curriculum has been a perfect catalyst for discipling her, and answering countless questions she has!

We have a wonderful mix of seasoned saints, like the lovely and talented Raisa Prendez, and a couple of newer believers, which makes for rich and powerful dialogue! We are growing in our walk with God, enjoying each other’s unique perspectives, and building relationships!

We look forward to adding to our group, we built our home with a great room to gather God’s people! The Teapot is always on!


Jamie and Bob Sagerser 
Arlington, Wa