Prayer Targets

Prayer Targets. Let’s PRAY!

Sonrise Church family,

The Lord shared with Pastor Herb three prayer targets for us to be lifting up on November 3 (our national Election Day) and for the next season to follow. I was so excited when I saw these because they aligned so much with what Pastor Grace and I have been sensing and sharing for our church vision in this season. So let’s press in and pray in agreement for these things in this hour. 

From Pastor Herb:

I believe I heard in prayer that there is a turn for Sonrise Intercession starting Nov 3 2020. The three emphases for this assignment of prayer is still developing in my spirit as I have carried this for more than two weeks. They are as follows:

1.) Acceleration of Prayer: 

Our first cry in intercession is for prayer to accelerate across America. The church going to a higher ground in prayer for this nation. As the Church goes, so does the nation. An anointing is being placed on the cries of Gods people starting Nov 3. 

For some of our saints, they will have to place other things in life on hold to fulfill the summons of this anointing to pray. 

The Upper Room could be opened for this prayer assignment.

2.) Hospitality:

This singular word given to me carries a wallop! Hospitality. Opening our lives and homes to accommodate all who would come. 

To reason with, to offer answers.

The breaking bread with pre Christian.

Prayer for sick and deliverance. These signs…

This is a national intercessory burden that the Church awaken and open her doors with hospitality to accommodate seekers with truth and signs to confirm

Isaiah 58:6-7 

3.) Only the church is truly true and accurate. It is imperative we know what we believe and why. As mentioned above, ‘as the church goes, so does a nation.’

Pray that when untruth and opposition pushes as a bully, she will plant her feet and not be moved. The church is to not cower, but stand tall and when necessary with wisdom, truth and love, push back even with firmness. 

Never let it be with intent to harm people. Our fight is with hell over the souls of men and this nation. 

When you go to intercession with this 3rd emphasis, you are in the fight. Therefore, treat this as war. Get loud!