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January 8, 2021John Hammer

Prayer & Fasting

This year we are inviting the church family at Sonrise to conduct 4 fasts throughout the year of a length of 3-7 days. I wanted to share some of the heart behind these fasts and some great resources with you. Why the 3-7 Fast? 16 “When...

January 7, 2021John Hammer

Constitution of the Kingdom

Dear Church, I recently preached a message when I introduced our Sermon on the Mount series called the “Constitution of the Kingdom.” I shared with you why we are heading into this series and focus for this new season based in part u...

January 7, 2021Prayer

Prayer Targets

Prayer Targets. Let’s PRAY! Sonrise Church family, The Lord shared with Pastor Herb three prayer targets for us to be lifting up on November 3 (our national Election Day) and for the next season to follow. I was so excited when I saw ...

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